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    my font-weight is set to 100 and my typeface is light but when the text is set to white it is being rendered very thick (much thicker than when it is rendered as a dark colour on a pale ground). Is there a way to control this?



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    Hi Thomas

    Can you please post a link to your page where we can see the issue?



    Thanks Yigit… link is in the private message…



    It seems like light font weight is not included. Please refer to this post – and add the same Google font once again with all font weights.

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    The font isn’t a google font and it is lightweight by default. It is showing correctly when it’s a dark colour on a white background, but when it’s a pale colour on a dark ground something is adding weight to it and far too much of it. Any other ideas? Thanks, Thomas



    The font weight do not change if the background color changes.

    It appears different fonts are setup. Please check Enfold > Advanced Styling

    If you still have any issue please upload a screenshot/mockup to and share the link here so we can help you better :)

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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