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    I have an issue that has been brought up in different ways but hasn’t ever really had a solid answer from what I have searched. I have an issue with white spaces appearing above some of the images while scrolling through the parallax sections of my clients’ site. On my iMac, sometimes it shows up right, sometimes it doesn’t. On my 13 inch HP, it does the same.

    Typically, if I refresh the browser, the site will show up correctly, as if it had not fully loaded properly the first time.

    I use an online tool called Am I Responsive that shows the problem consistently and this is precisely what I see:

    I’ve reduced the vertical height of some of the images and changed the main image to a slider which mitigated the issue at the top, but the rest of the parallax sections are still buggy.

    I have a couple of plug-ins installed, but the problem was occurring even before I had anything installed.

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    Hi ipean!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    I forwarded this issue to Kriesi. For a temporary fix, please use this on Quick CSS:

    .home div#av_section_1 .av-parallax {
    top: -50% !important;
    .home div#av_section_2 .av-parallax {
    top: -75% !important;
    .home div#av_section_4 .av-parallax {
    top: -85% !important;

    Nice website.



    Thanks for the fix, but it really didn’t solve anything.
    It’s weird, because I’ll make an adjustment that seems to work initially only to come back and find it all glitchy again as is the case with Quick CSS solution you gave.

    One thing to note: If you refresh the page, it actually shows correctly the second time around, as if the site never really fully loads the first time you land there. That just won’t do for first time visitors who are expecting a perfectly working site the first time they see it.

    Do you think it has something to do with the way the images are loading?


    Scratch that. After adding the Quick CSS, even when you refresh it doesn’t fix itself anymore. I guess it has something to do with the Parallax speed, but at this point, I’m baffled. Not sure if I should get ready to jump ship.

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