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    Hey there,

    Really sorry if this is an obvious question – I’m brand new to WP — I’ve searched for the answer and haven’t been able to find the answer:

    When using a text block, I hit return to add space between H1 and my paragraph, and do the same between paragraphs.

    It looks fine until I update, and then it disappears.

    I tried pasting something from another post here into the quick CSS section of Styling, but that didn’t work either.

    I also tried entering HTML that people said on the interwebs would work, such as <b>, etc…but to no avail.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.



    Instead of using <b] use <strong]. They are pretty much the same thing but strong is more semantic so the googlebot gets all warm and fuzzy when it sees that.

    Your WordPress memory is too low , i see its set at 64. Boost it to 128M by adding this to wp-config.php file in the main wordpress folder. You can add it somewhere in the first 15 lines.

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');




    Hey Nick, thanks for that.

    I added the code you gave me to the php file. How do I check to see if I did it correctly?

    Also, how did you know my WP memory was too low??? I didn’t give you a link to the site…





    We can click your name and go to this website Is this your site?

    If the code <strong] works, you’ll see a bold font.




    Ah. OK, cool. Yes, it’s the site I’m working on. But what I really meant is where do I check and see that the memory was increased? Thanks so much, gents.



    View source , and in header you can see something like this below. This tells me s/he has 256M

    Debugging Info for Theme support:

    Theme: Enfold
    Version: 1.7
    Installed: enfold
    AviaFramework Version: 1.7.8
    AviaBuilder Version: 0.2




    Great. Thanks a ton, Nick, for the help.


    Hey Nick, I altered the php file per your suggestion, but when I inspect the source, it still says I’m only running 64. Any thoughts? I’m trying to get an answer from Go Daddy but they seem a little clueless. Thanks


    Maybe GoDaddy does not allow you to increase the php memory limit by using the wp-config.php and you need to edit the php.ini directly or they (Godaddy hoster support team) must increase the memory for you. In the worst case your hosting plan simply doesn’t allow you to use more than 64mb and you need to upgrade your account.


    Thanks dude.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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