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    Dear Kriesi,

    dear Team,

    I know there are lots of plugins, but I’d like to use the original source codes. I would like to add Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Buttons (those with the count bubbles) to show up just below any blog post.

    Where do I need to hook my custom function, which adds the code behind any blog post, any page, any portfolio-item and any overview page, such has category pages, etc?

    My first intention was to have it just in column 4 of the footer widget area, but thats far to way down on the mobile version. Then I tried with displayed everywhere, which (excuse if I am wrong in that point) is NOT shown on the mobile version.

    Any suggestions, hooks and workarounds are welcome ;-)

    Thank You,




    You can use the AddThis plugin. Refer to this link on how to implement the social buttons: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-header




    Ok I see, but basically I did not want to use a plugin, which even needs registration. I want to put that few code lines into the theme via an custom function in my child theme & hook the output of it.

    Is there an overview/ list with all hooks of the theme? I know those of WordPress itself, but guess I need the theme hooks, when using the Avia Template Builder.

    Thanks a lot,




    I’d recommend to use the the_content filter/hook: to insert your icons/links after the page/post content.

    Best regards,



    I got it working, by putting exactly the same code from another project of mine into it. Unfortunenately the Facebook Like comments field popup did not work properly. Only a third of the full popup was visible & I found no way to get it running. Placed now the same share buttons with AddThis in the same position and it worked. Well now, another plugin, but I had no more time to waste on the Facebook integration – its always FB making trouble. :-(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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