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    When i edit my home page it deletes a block of content at the bottom.

    The edit is made to a list; i correct one word in the list; after hitting preview– and later update– I find that a chunk of writing at the bottom of my website gets cut off.

    The only alternative is to make the edit, have the content get cut off, and then re-design the content that got cut-off.

    As this wastes time, I seek a solution.

    My website is

    Please help


    Hey elliotstiller!

    Sorry for the trouble. This is only happening on that page? Which content exactly is being removed? Can you send us a WordPress login so we can take a closer look?


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    I edited your list element on the homepage but I did not see any changes on the front end. Everything is still displaying fine. Can you take a screenshot and highlight exactly what’s going on when you edit the list? Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache after updating the page.

    Best regards,


    Friend, Enfold is like a tiger in the forest, striking unexpected and then vanishing with no trace of the previous assault.

    The home page problem has vanished; I can now edit it freely without suffering from content at the bottom being cut off.

    Before, that situation was happening– in multiple occasions, on multiple occasions, on multiple websites with which i use ENFOLD.

    I suppose I shall wait until the Tiger Strikes Again, and then reach out to you.


    p.s. Currently I want the background image of my header area to not be displayed on my main menu, because this would improve readability I want the background image to only be displayed above my main menu. I opened a new thread for this with the administrator tag. Can you assist me?



    Hey, please open a new thread for any new request

    Best regards,

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