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    When I edit content sections are mysteriously deleted.


    Reinstalled theme ans wordpress twice deactivated all plugins no change



    Is there a fix for this template bug?

    I have deleted and reinstalled the theme via the server twice
    Run the latest updated theme
    Increased the php memory on the server to 64
    Reinstalled word press twice.

    Please advise what else I can do at the moment if I try and edit the page at all the bottom to sections are removed,

    This happens when the theme is updated,





    Have you tried this on a different browser? Can you please send in the login details?

    You can email it to ///.

    Include the word “Kriesi” on the subject. Add the link of this thread on your email.

    Best regards,



    Did you get the email?



    I would suggest upping the memory to 128 as 64 is still somewhat low. I have no issues with it on any of my test installations but some users have still run into issues. And just to verify, you are running 2.3.2 of Enfold correct?

    I’ve tagged Ismael on the topic so he has it in his queue as well.

    Best regards,



    Do the content disappear when you insert the “Tab” shortcode after editing it? There is one user here who experience the same issue. Kriesi mentioned that it will be fix on the next update. :)



    No that’s not the same problem as mine,

    If I edit any content on the page and update to save the changes the bottom two sections are removed, as it is I cannot edit the front page at all.




    I created a test page and added some content using the Advance Layout Builder. I updated the page a few times and added some content again but it doesn’t remove any sections. Don’t switch between Default Editor and ALB when creating the content. The only issue I encounter is with the shortcode wand and the Tab element. When I add any shortcodes then add the Tab element, it will remove all the shortcodes. Again, Kriesi said that it will be fix on the next update. Can you please list the steps that you did on a certain page where the issue occur? This is the test page.



    The problem is not with new pages if is with the home page.

    The existing home page.

    If you make any edit in the front page and then update the page the bottom sections are deleted .

    This is a persist at and consistent fault. I have increased memory to 12& and this made no difference,

    Please replicate on my site and you will see, the deleted sections can be restored using the page revision system and you will see exactly what is wrong,

    Please address the issues in the report rather than suggesting it is another fault entirely of trying it put on a new page as this is clearly not the issue,

    The second point. Is that I am not switching editors between the updates. I have stated very clearly the fault is when the page is simply updated.



    Kriesi already added the patch to the developer version of the theme. I’m not sure if it fixes your issue but it’s worth a try. Especially because we need to check the js code of the modal editor if it doesn’t. Try following fix – open up enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/assets/js/avia-builder.js and around line 715 replace

    updateTextarea: function(scope)


    updateTextarea: function(scope)
         if(this.activeStatus.val() != 'active') return;



    Hey! Also if this doesnt help: Whoever reads it first, sanboxes or ismael, please post the login credentials here so the rest of us can take a look at the backend. Make sure to set the reply as private ;)


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    This reply has been marked as private.


    Please try again now, It seems to work now. I actually had to remove a lot of unclosed div elements which were messing up the whole editor. Not sure were they are from, but probably from copy/pasting content from anywhere else. If you do copy/paste make sure you dont add any unwanted divs/spans etc



    Thank you, I will check it out! Many thanks


    You are welcome ;)

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