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    :) excited to see!


    Chngelog is in package ;)

    2016 March 18th – Version 3.5

    – new demo content:
    – Hotel demo
    – Spa demo
    – Travel demo
    – Consultant demo
    – Résumé demo

    – style.css – new version number
    – functions-enfold.php – several small improvements to generated css styles
    – header.php – added a new filter function
    – index.php + other default template files: abort script if directly loaded in the browser to prevent crawling errors
    – page.php – fixed a thumbnail size bug

    – folder css:
    – fixed: a css error that was caused by setting a column background to “stretch fullwidth”
    – fixed: a slideshow bug that caused buttons to slide in when they should fade
    – fixed: a display issue with iconbox titles and some specific fonts
    – fixed: an issue with some default css font sizes not adapting properly on smaller screens
    – fixed: an issue with slideshow capations on small devices when
    – fixed: an issue with blank pages not aligning properly on mobile devices
    – fixed: an issue with color section background colors not beeing applied to Left Sidebar Layouts
    – fixed: an issue with transparent headers and custom menu colours
    – fixed: an issue with mobile menu display on tablets

    – folder config-templatebuilder:
    – added: background images for sections, cells and columns can now be set to “scale to fit” so the whole background image is always visible
    – added: font size selection for accordion slider
    – added: option to center accordion text
    – added: new styling option for masonry and masonry gallery element: caption overlay
    – fixed: issue with accordion slider php notice
    – fixed: a problem with product grid item count
    – fixed: a display bug with the Fullwidth Easy slider that was caused by choosing original image size
    – fixed: a pagination bug with the woocommerce grid element
    – fixed: an issue that prevented mailchimp to fetch more than 10 lists
    – fixed: an issue that prevented some servers from connecting with mailchimp
    – fixed: an issue with html elements added to the table element
    – fixed: an issue with the class of the events calendar upcoming events heading
    – fixed: an issue with the feature image slider not accepting disabled autorotation
    – fixed: an issue with the magazine element throwing a php error on subpages
    – improved: masonry filter display when loading new elements via “load more” button
    – added: various title filters

    – folder framework:
    – added: new filter for framework related css body classes
    – added: new google fonts
    – improved: some google fonts now come with more weights
    – improved: dynamic styling generator accepts array values now
    – fixed: an error with form success message
    – fixed: an issue with contact form dropdowns when the “hide label” option was selected
    – fixed: an issue with the import script not working properly with PHP7 and dropping the demo menu
    – fixed: an issue with the contact form autoresponder not working when more than one mail address is added
    – fixed: an issue with google author and publisher rel tag
    – fixed: a multi language issue with the facebook plugin and wpml

    – folder config-woocommerce:
    – added: new product style: minimal overlay
    – added: support and styling for woocommerce bookings
    – fixed: a css notice in the backend when woocommerce is active
    – fixed: an issue with the woocommerce quantity selector
    – fixed: an issue with the dark default themes

    – folder js:
    – fixed: an issue with sidebar main menu sticky calculation
    – fixed: a problem with google map tooltips
    – fixed: an issue with the feature image slider not working in Firefox
    – fixed: a syntax error in the autorotation setting of the slideshow

    – folder includes:
    – added: new design – bright blue
    – added: new layout feature. Instead of stretched and boxed you can now chose “framed” which displays a fixed frame around the site
    – added: new advanced styling element to customise: Slideshow Titles
    – added: new advanced styling element to customise: Slideshow Captions
    – fixed: a bug with the wedding demo that prevented correct image import
    – fixed: missing translation strings in Portfolio.
    – fixed: the advanced styling selector of main menu hover items when the logo is displayed above the menu
    – improved: automated markup for blog posts.

    – folder config-layerslider:
    – fixed: an issue with a javascript file not being loaded properly
    – updated: layerslider to the latest version (5.6.3)

    – folder config-wpml:
    – added: an XML file for languages, available for the facebook page widget
    – fixed: an issue with php notices caused by the grid layout

    – folder lang:
    – updated several translation files



    hope that is enough.
    Please do not hesitate to open a new ticket or request any feedback needed for any issue.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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