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    I’m seeing none of the existing templates have H1’s (unless I’m missing something). I have not installed Yoast yet, I’m first going to setup and finish the site then install.

    Should I manually edit it myself if I want a certain text to be H? Is it available somewhere in the visual editor? I see the LayerSlider has an option as well, this work well for SEO purposes?

    I tried to search for more info on SEO tips utilizing Enfold and WordPress SEO, but couldn’t find much, any help with existing threads about this, would be great.






    It is usually use as page or post title. The theme uses h1 on post and page title container. It is based on Yoast SEO Heading Structure. You can edit functions-enfold.php then look for the avia_title functions:

    'heading' => 'h1' //headings are set based on this article: http://yoast.com/blog-headings-structure/


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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