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    Hi there,
    what did you change regarding Webfonts in 2.3? I upgraded the theme to 2.3 and again all Webfont Icons are gone. Not even in Firefox, in Chrome, IE etc.

    Also the MAXcdn fix to show Webfonts in firefox browser isnt working anymore. i had to go back to 2.2.

    would be great to know what you changed how it can fixed.


    Hello CooperDevon!

    Icon font rendering has been change on the newest version of Enfold. You might need to redo the iconboxes, iconlist or any other avia elements with the icon fonts in it.

    Best regards,


    and how am i suppose to do it with the Social icons, the social button (widgets), navigation arrows on the slider and the blog entries, the cart icon etc.?
    can you find a fix for “CDN” using sites?



    The social icons and buttons, slider navigation etc should show exactly as they are. Can you please give us a link to your website? Please create a test site using the latest Enfold version. I’m not sure about the “CDN” issue. Let’s wait for Kriesi and Dude’s response.


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    I see you are using Enfold 2.3.2 and the icons are displaying as expected:



    Yeah, there was only one problem. At that time, the SUPER CACHE plugin was turned off. And so far, the site has not been used the CDN Network.
    Now its back on and no icons

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    Actually the new subversions didnt change the iconsystem any further so this is quite strange. I also just checked the site (W3 Total Cache was active) and all icons are displaying fine for me. Are you sure that its not a browser caching issue of some sort?

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    the mobile version on my iphone works just fine. if i switch to the desktop version, the icons are gone as well

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    could it be that its a ip address related issue?

    It works perfectly fine for me on every browser (tested with chrome, safari, IE10 and firefox) and on every device: macbook, iPhone, windows laptpop.
    Quite frankly I have no Idea why it would work for everyone except for you :/


    very strange. i will look into it. thanks for the great support :)


    let me know if you got any clues on whats going on here :)

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