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    I have built numerous websites with the enfold theme and currently came across an issue where they are all extremely slow when i do my google page speed check. I have done all the advanced performance features in the theme but no difference at all.

    Could you possibly have a look and see what the issue is.


    Hey Gavin,

    WordPress speed ups are in general not something which is done in a few minutes, it usually takes several hours to get a site optimised for speed. For instance, this WordPress optimisation service charges close to $200 for an optimisation. Have you tried anything to speed your site up yourself? We might be able to help you out with specific things, but then you need to specific what you need help with.

    Best regards,


    Hi Richard

    I just find every website that i have built to date with Enfold has a very bad Google page speed score this is not to say it’s an enfold issue but most probably a lot to do on my part. . I have gone through numerous of the sites that I have build and all of them have a very bad rating. I use compressed images, i use Super cashe i do all the recommendation you have on your theme but still no real difference in score.

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    Thanks for the update. What kind of hosting are you on? In my experience, a good hosting provider makes the biggest difference when it comes to performance.

    Best regards,

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