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    There’s text after the copyright in the footer that says ” – Web Hosting” with a link to How do I remove it?

    Because I was just getting started with my site I completely deleted all of WordPress and reinstalled everything. This nuisance has reappeared on the first page I created. Please help. Thanks.


    Hey reederjack5252!

    Our theme does contain such a copyright text in the theme file. I guess you host your website on an odinhosting server and they add it to the website code somehow. Please contact the odinhosting support staff and ask them how to remove the unwanted copyright text. You can also try to re-download the theme from themeforest and then overwrite the old theme files with the untouched, new theme files to remove the copyright text.

    Best regards,


    Hey Dude,
    I realize that your site has the copyright text in the theme file – I want it there. My site is being hosted through HostGator, not As I previously stated, I have already re-downloaded the theme from themeforest to overwrite the files. In fact, to be safe I completely re-installed WordPress and Enfold only to find the link there again. This link only appeared on pages created after your most recent update (Version 2.4.3). The ones created before did not have the malicious link. Others in this forum have made note of this link appearing as well. Please help.



    I can say (for sure) that our theme does not contain this link/copyright text. In addition v2.4.3 is not the most recent version of the theme. I’m also not aware of any other bug/user reports regarding the “” link/copyright text. If you still think the original theme files contain this link please create us an admin account and post the login credentials as private reply.

    Best regards,


    Okay, so I went back to theme forest and re-downloaded the files and re-installed them. And the odinhosting link was gone, but has been replaced with “Enfold Theme by Kriesi” I suppose there’s no way to get rid of that?

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