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    I would like to use the Revolution Slider. Client likes it and so do we. How can we override the theme’s (Enfold) layer slider and replace it with the Revolution Slider. Tried shortcode but that messed up things. Can you guide us?



    I’m sorry but unfortunately this mod requires a lot of work (and testing) and it’s beyond the scope of our support forum. I can only show you the starting point – depending on your coding skills you can try to implement the Revolution slider by yourself or hire a freelancer for this job. Starting point: the LayerSlider implementation code can be found in wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-shortcodesslideshow_layerslider.php and in the wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-layerslider folder.


    Please tell us how much you tested the WP layerSlider? This is perhaps the ONLY thing you did wrong in designing this theme. It looks good on the theme demo, but does not work seamlessly when set to full width.


    I tagged this thread for Kriesi because he tested the layerslider plugin and he decided to include it. Personally I didn’t find major bugs with it but the setup (and the creation of slides) take some time because you need to play around with all options, animation parameters, etc.


    I would like to use the Revolution Slider too…


    layerslider is hard to use!!!


    Let’s break this down… I have been designing upscale websites for the better part of the last decade. I am fluent in all forms of coding, including html5. I have now wasted a total of 7 hours trying to, as you put it, “play around with all options, animations, parameters,etc…”, to create a seamless slider presentation for a client… and with all of my knowledge and experience I still cannot get this slider to work.

    Part of creating a successful theme should be the inclusion of components that are simple to use. A designer, no matter what their level of experience, shouldn’t have to waste hours on a certain element, when there exists other elements that are more simple to use. In this case I am referring to the Revolution Slider.

    I am at my breaking point with this theme, simply because the designer has included a slider… a very important part of any theme, that is virtually useless within the theme. The designer has already admitted (in previous posts) that he acknowledges the problems, and has passed the info on to the WP LayerSlider team.


    I definitely am all for Revolution….Nothing but problems with the LayerSlider. Nothing lines up as it should.


    @seamusdrumz – It’s not my job to provide help for major customization of the theme files. If Kriesi asks me to implement the REVOLUTION SLIDER script I’ll do this in my working time. If he decides to implement it he’ll include it in the next update. It’s up to Kriesi and his decision if he wants to include another slider or not and it’s my job to support the product as it is right now (even if some users are not happy with the current slider).

    Btw – I removed the last sentence of your post because I took it as an offense.


    Hey Guys!

    I have done some research before I have chosen the layerslider plugin and read tons of comments on other themes that use either one of those sliders and guess what: there were always people who liked the other slider better. Both sliders work nice for the most part but both also have their issues. Both sliders also get regular updates so if there are issues they usually get fixed fast.

    So it all came down to the decision if I want to incorporate only one or both of those plugins, and quite frankly, I think its horrible that theme authors put redundant slideshows into their themes.

    You load twice as much javascript, twice as much css, your server needs more memory, your customers get confused why there are 2 slideshows that do the same but different.

    So I decided to only use one and the decision to use layerslider was made because it worked very well out of the box with the theme (at least for me and most user we have). I am not sure were exactly one could have problems that last for hours with the interface of the slider. There are a lot of options, thats true but its pretty straight forward how to create slides if you ask me (apart from one confirmed bug with css scaling, which the developer already acknowledged and which will be fixed soon)

    So currently I have no intentions of implementing the rev slider as a default. I will maybe add a developer option to switch with a future update but there are a lot of requests that I consider more important than to add basically the same slideshow once more.

    PS: Please keep in mind that support is provided voluntary on themeforest, and not at all necessary. I think its good business and thats why I pay 4 people out of my own pocket without charging any extra fees and also help out myself. But if you are rude (didnt read the deleted sentence but I know that Dude seldom censors anything) I have no problems denying anyone access to these forums.

    PPS: If you have constructive criticism on how you would like to have the slider improved or whats bugging you feel free to post it. I have worked quite some time now with the layerslider team and they always took my suggestions seriously. You might find your suggestions in the next update :)


    You just have to download the plugin and activate it.

    on m’y website, it works.

    Cédric Lefrancq

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