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    I’ve been editing my site and when I look at the elements the visual editor is adding a lot of random <p>
    codes before and after each line.

    Its a fresh site and I haven’t added any plugin’s, so I don’t know what could be causing this interference.


    To expand further, every time I open up an element that has text entry it adds another <p><br/> to the top and bottom each time.


    I think it is the wordpress code that does that, as it will modify the code.



    Text entries are always enclose on the paragraph tag <p> and when you create a line break it will insert the code <br> tag.

    Does it bother you?




    Forgot I posted this. Bother me, lol no :) That’s funny.

    This is an example I copied just now:

    <p>Recruiting rules of thumb:</p>




    The only thing I had typed was the sentence. I saved it and went to dinner. I opened it back up and that’s what came up. It doesn’t always do this, but sometimes it does this for a certain block. Other blocks no.

    I’m only mentioning it as there could be a little bug somewhere. If I’m the only one who gets it, then something is corrupted i guess. I’ll do a fresh install before I go live.


    I experienced this too. I ended up just using the shortcodes without the builder editor to circumvent it as it did change the look of my page.



    Please update us if the bug still persist.




    It still happens for me, but it’s kind of random to pinpoint. If I had to go off my observation, I’d say It has to do with copying a content block or perhaps a copy of that copy. Fresh blocks that get pulled down from the top toolbar don’t seem to have this issue.

    I also had another thread about images not lining up vertically. Again this seemed to occur when I tried to be efficient and copy the original block and then again. It would start to stagger out of line after that second copy.

    I’m fairly confident there’s a bug or something resulting from the block copying option.

    Hope that helps.


    – John



    If the errors still occur after the next update please open up a new thread and let us know ;)

    Best regards,


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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