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    I have installed the Angular theme but have encountered one problem when trying to go full screen with a vimeo video. Elements of the Angular theme appear to overlay the video.

    Please take a look at :

    Try playing the video and enlarging to full screen. I am using Safari and haven’t yet tested on other browsers.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.




    Tested your site and the video on 5 major browsers and they all look ok. No overlay. :)




    Hi there,

    Still getting the same problem in Safari on Mac Lion.

    Please see this link:




    Hi Paul,

    As far as I know the video player is using the wordpress/vimeo code and so it wouldn’t be anything we could modify on the theme side. That said, I’m not getting any issues like you are showing in the screenshot running Windows 7 in any of the major browsers.

    Can you make sure you don’t have any browser plugins installed or anything else effecting the normal viewing of your site?




    Hi Paul,

    Just to add my two cents here. I tested on my Mac (Leopard) and Windows 7 without issue. Do you have access to another machine for testing?




    I am also experiencing the same problem with bits of the theme overlaying a fullscreen vimeo video, almost as if they have a z-index which puts them in front of the fullscreen video somehow..

    I’m getting this on Safari in Mountain Lion, but not Chrome.


    Hi bn86,

    We may be able to help if you can provide a link to your site but so far we aren’t able to replicate the issue on our end with either Mac or Windows on any browser.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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