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    At Vimeo you have the possibility to access your videos directly (MP4 File). The Problem now is that when I enter this direct link to the MP4 file at the Enfold video fields it doesn’t work. Maybe there’s a bug here and the theme still tries to load the Vimeo iFrame player version. This is a bad solution because the Vimeo iFrame player often doesn’t work or is very slow in comparison to the direct link. In the private section you can find a direct link to a video video. Is there a solution?


    Hey convecto,

    If you have a direct link you have to manually create an vide embed object.
    Just pasting that link might not work.

    Best regards,


    Sorry, that was not the question. I Know how to embed videos. I want to add the video to the Avia video field e.g. as a background video in a slider. Unfortunately your theme thinks this is a ‘normal’ Vimeo video link and tries to embed the Vimeo iFrame player i suppose. I need a solution for this.

    cheers, Julian


    I’m getting a 404 error when used in the theme, but it works as a direct link in a new tab. I have a feeling Vimeo is trying to track but the theme is not allowing so Vimeo gives a 404?
    Perhaps you should download the mp4 and host on your site.

    Best regards,


    Hosting on our server is not an option because we need Vimeos CDN for worldwide delivery. I think it’s a bug within the theme. As you said, the link is working. I think the Enfold theme is searching for the iFrame version because the word “vimeo” is in the URL. Is there a chance that you can fix that in future versions?



    The video element doesn’t allow that format. The format of the vimeo url should look like the following.


    Try to add the url in a text or codeblock then add the “noLightbox” attribute to disable the lightbox script.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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