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    How can I see the html for pages created using Advanced Layout Editor ?

    I normally copy the html of a page into Dreamweaver to edit/backup accordingly – but can’t find a way to view it within the theme admin.

    If I use the Default Editor instead, not all items Media Elements e.g. Advanced Layerslider – are available !?

    So is there a way to see the html of a page created using Advanced Layout, and/or is there a more complete list of shortcodes somewhere – so I can manually add items including e.g. Advanced Layerslider ?

    Thanks, Peter Miller.


    I’ve now set the Avia builder to debug mode per another support post I found – and that shows the shortcodes used with the Advanced Layout Editor. Cool.

    Plus I now recognise that once I’ve built a Layerslider – the shortcode appears as part of the list of Layersliders created – for using in a page, etc.

    Doh !

    So all ok for now.

    Thanks anyway. PM.


    Hi pmwebdev,

    Yes that is the best way to ‘see’ the code for the advanced editor. Just be careful not to introduce any bad code into the debug mode since its a direct input to your wordpress database and introducing broken code could cause issues.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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