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    In the first link I have put 4 – 5 youtube videoes in a Easy Slider. In the first video I have placed a fallback image. (Screen shot of the movie).
    Why wont that or any of the other videos play on mobile or tablet?

    In the second link I have just put a media element – video on the page with a link to the Youtube video. This one works perfect!

    We would like to “gather” up the videos as in Easy slider, but also be able to play them on mobile devices.

    Thanks for helping!



    Hey Thomas!

    As far as i know slider videos were disabled in mobiles because there were too many bugs with them, i’d suggest using the image + link to the video as a fallback.



    Hi there

    On mobile it makes sense. Although no user will understand that the images can be “clicked”, if there is no transparent play-button on top of it. Perhaps this can be made available in the next version?

    Also it would be great if the lightbox-link on a video is not available on desktop-computers, where the fallback-image is not displayed. See: slide #2 for example. The videos plays and if you click on it to stop it, the lightbox opens and plays the video again.



    Add this to Quick CSS to disable linking for video slides in desktop:

    .avia_desktop .av-video-slide a.avia-slide-wrap {
        pointer-events: none;

    Regarding a play-button please request it here –


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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