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    We have a video on our homepage playing in fullscreen MUTED using the fullscreen slider module

    We want to allow the visitor to unmute the video if they wish to do so, however the video control from enfold shown are very tiny located in the bottom right corner and disappear as soon as you try to adjust the volume, looks like a bug?

    As a workaround we wanted to have one button play the video in a lightbox window with sound so we added this URL to one of the slider button with this parameter ?iframe=true, but instead of opening in the same window in a lightbox, it opens on a new window, how can we fix this?

    and more importantly, how can we make the mute button more user friendly on the fullscreen slider so we dont need to use the UNMUTE button workaround

    Or is there a different approach you recommend maybe that would be easier to implement and more user friendly?

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    Hey kilimats,
    Sorry for the late reply, when I take a look at your site, and click the “watch video” button, the video opens in a pop-up with sound. Did you find a solution for this, or do you still need help?

    Best regards,

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