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    I’ve added the YouTube url to the Video section in the Enfold website. Naturally, YouTube logo displays and unwanted ‘related’ videos are recommended by YouTube when the video play ends. Adding the standard modestbranding=1 and rel=0 parameters result in the video not displaying at all, instead the code displays on the website. Please explain how to add these basic controls to the video.


    Hi m!

    I think recommended videos depends on the user’s activities and you can’t really control them. You can remove youtube history here:

    Don’t use the embed code. Please try this:

    Best regards,


    By the way, I didn’t intentionally create duplicate posts. Your website showed an error with some code, so I had to retry posting. Then three posts appear – but I didn’t see a way to delete the two duplicates.


    Thanks, I tried the link you provided and it displayed the video, but the parameters failed – the YouTube logo still showed, and the recommendations still displayed at the end. YouTube code works on other websites, please advise on how to make it work on this WordPress site.



    Unfortunately the video element doesn’t accept secondary parameters as far as I know. But you can instead embed the iframe code into a text box>text tab so that that you can add it in like you would on a regular visual editor page.

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    -> this displays the video, but can’t find a way to hide the YouTube logo, nor prevent the random recommendations from displaying at the end.

    <iframe class=”youtube-player” type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”385″ src=”” allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″ rel=”0” modestbranding=”1”>
    -> This doesn’t work at all. Only code shows up on the website.

    Please advise.



    You can use this tool: to configure the iframe. Switch to the “html” editor mode to insert the iframe code otherwise WP will embed it as a standard text and not as html code.

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    That tool is great, thanks for the link. I pasted the code into the video component, and also into a text box in text view. Neither worked.
    And now the content including those items and all the content below has disappeared from the webpage. I’ve restored to previous revisions, but all that webpage content is not reappearing.

    So, 1- how to resolve YouTube issue?
    2- How to restore the web page ASAP?


    I rebuilt the page. :/
    Awaiting YT resolution, and back-up plan in case the page dies again during the process.



    You’ll need to use a iframe code method (put it while being in the Text tab), putting the URL alone won’t work as you expect because that embedding method strips all the parameters, and that is handled by WordPress, not theme-related.



    Yes, I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. I tried it again now, and now it displays a mini view of the website with a menu drop down – which has nothing to do with the iframe text. ???

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    I’m don’t know how you can hide the “recommended videos” but I tried the generator and following code should hide the logo

    <iframe id="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="385"
    frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

    Best regards,


    The logo was hidden, but “youtube” text displays at the top instead. I really need the YouTube to present correctly, with no YouTube logo/text and no recommended videos at the end.



    Do you have an example of a YouTube embed displaying like you want?



    Thanks. 1. The youtube logo/text issue is resolved, as that seems to be all that is offered by YouTube. 2. I’ve sorted out the issue with not showing the recommended videos at the end. The solution is to use “iframe id=”youtube-player”” not “iframe class=” or “=”ytplayer””, in a text box. :)


    Excellent, thanks for pointing that :)


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