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    I’m getting a problem when using a color section with a background video and an image element in it with a transparent png.
    I have the color section set to “No minimum height, use content within section to define Section height”
    The video will not always fill the color section element and a grey background is visible towards the bottom of the element while the video plays its full length. However when I refresh the page the video will fill the entire element.

    Also I have noticed that the size of the image and even the content of the image will cause the video not to fill the entire element exposing the grey area as well. And a page refresh will not fix it with most image size variations I have tried.

    I even have a situation where I have 2 transparent PNG files both with an identical resolution (443×409) and one of the PNG will display with the video covering the element fully and the other PNG will have the video not display cover the element fully and a refresh will not help it.

    Tried this with the current versions of Firefox, Dissenter, Brave and Vivaldi browsers on Mac and on Windows 7 and on 3 different computers across a wide range of screen resolutions.
    I am running WordPress 5.3 and Enfold


    Hey originalsource,
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your screenshots and login, I see your pages look different now than in your screenshots, you don’t that the sidebar menu now, but your color section doesn’t have the gray area now?
    What I believe was happening is when “No minimum height, use content within section to define Section height” is used the image is used to define the color section height, the background video is not. If you are still experiencing this please try choosing a Minimum Height for the color section.

    Best regards,

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