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    Hello Kriesi Team,

    first i want to thank you for your great work! i use the theme on different sites and enjoy to work with it!

    i want to use a self hosted mp4 video link into my “simple slider” or “full width slide-show”. i use V 4.9.5 for this project. the preloader circle is spinning forever, so it’ not working. :-( i tested on actual firefox and safari. also when i upload the video, it its not working. only external youtube links are loading.

    i figured out in a previous enfold version 4.8.3 this same video link to my external server works like a charm. (so video codec should be ok)

    what could that be? hope you can provide an easy fix for this (functions) or quick css.
    thank you!


    Hey mike_development_new,

    That is a little bit of a strange issue and not solvable with just CSS.
    Can you show us link of both videos?

    Best regards,


    Ok, here is the other link for you (PK) with video loading in the background without problems. It’s the same mp4 link as you can see, just an earlier Version (4.8.3) of Enfold.



    Thanks for that, though the first link seems to have a .htaccess login prompt. Could you post details for that in private as well please? I’m not sure about the versions you are listing, for the record the latest version of Enfold is 4.5.2.

    Best regards,


    ok here is the htaccess login.



    Thanks for that, the videos are not loading on my end either but I’m not sure exactly why. Are you loading them from a cloud server? If so then they might be blocked since you have a htaccess password, what happens if you load them directly from the site itself?

    Best regards,


    ok, i removed the htaccess just to test it but it does not load the video.

    when i link the same adress from a nother site its loading so i think at has not to do with the loading server. i think it has to be something on the site.

    any ideas?


    Sorry for the late reply, I believe that the version numbers you are talking about are for WordPress and not Enfold, as Enfold is now at v4.5.3
    I see that your test page is using Enfold v4.2.6, if I recall there were video issues with that version
    I tested the video links on my test site, using Enfold v4.5.3, in a “Easy Slider” & “Fullwidth Easy Slider” and they worked well.
    Please try updating

    Since you will not be able to update automatically, here are the steps to update with the plugin
    *Please ensure your “PHP Max Upload Size” is at least 20mb, because Enfold is 16.7mb.
    First go to your Theme Forest account and download the “Installable WordPress file only”.
    1: please install the plugin: Update Theme and Plugins from Zip File
    2: then go to WordPress > Themes > Add New > Upload
    2018-10-20-104649 2018-10-20-105401
    3: after the install, click “Return to Themes page” (NOT Activate)
    4: success:

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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