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    how can I set a Video-Thumbnail? There is no function to set one. When I had buy the Theme 2 Months ago, the Support told me that this is a nice idea for a new feature for the next update. Any Chance to set one?

    How can I set a fallback from mp4 to ogg?

    If there is no way I found another Solution. I insert a Picture and linked it to the Videofile with http://… . Now it opens in a lightbox with Fullsreen. Here I have three questions.

    1. How can I change the Hover-Icon above the Picture from an arrow to an Play-Icon?

    2. The Video play in Fullscreenmode inside a Lightbox but there is no way to close it. How can I fix this?

    3. Fallback?

    What is the best way to change the size of videos on Frontpage?

    Best regards


    Hi comitzuu,

    There have been hundreds of suggestions and feature requests for the theme and as always we never guarantee that any suggestion or feature request will be included or when.

    1) This is somewhat difficult and needs to be done custom for the specific image/link depending on how you are adding it in. If you can link to the page we can try and assist as best we can.

    2) The prettyPhoto close button is in the top right.

    3) I’m not sure what you mean. The theme has support directly for video using the Video element/shortcode in the advanced layout editor and with the lightbox plugin (prettyphoto) but as of right now there is nothing else in place.

    Videos on your frontpage are controlled by you and how you add them to your layout.




    Hi Devin,

    I´am very sorry, but it isn´t my problem how many suggests you have. I asked two month ago and the answer was that it is a very good idea because it´s no special magic, it is standard. I worked with a few other Themes before and this function was no problem, because a video can also been used as a design element.

    I think Enfold is a nice Framework, and really it is powerful and I´am sure it was a lot of work, but in the little Details you have to do some improvements. Just for you, not for me. If this Theme is not the best for me, I will pay for another one. That´s business. But I like it…

    Normally it isn´t a problem to embed a video from Youtube where you can set your favorite thumbnail, but we need one on our Startpage that is just to see on our Website.

    1. Is it right that the Picture you can see by the video, if it isn´t on play, it is the first Frame of the video? If this is right, I just can render the video with a Thumbnail at the first Frame. This will bring me the same result as I can choose an Thumbnail.

    Sorry for my bad english, it isn´t my mother tongue…

    Best regards




    I fixed my Problem with the Thumbnail with the first Frame-method. That works.

    Thanks and best regards


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