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    A video, playing from LayerSlider WP, plays perfectly in Firefox and distorts with Safari and Chrome.

    On those two browsers the video ‘slides into view’ at a smaller size (displaying in what looks like letterbox format with a black background), then resizes to fill the designated space, then plays distorted.

    The following FAQ from LayerSliderWP directs me to contact the theme developers with regard to the ‘FitVids Javascript plugin that may manipulates videos in your sliders’.

    According to http://support.kreaturamedia.com/faq/4/layerslider-for-wordpress/#group-10&entry-49
    “It is commonly caused by the FitVids Javascript plugin that may manipulates videos in your sliders. You need to modify the plugin call in a way to avoid applying it on the elements used in sliders. This plugin is commonly used in WordPress themes without you knowing about it, so you need to get help from the author of your theme if you experience an issue like this. Please note that we are not familiar with the themes you use and many of them uses compressed or encrypted Javascript source files, thus you should try to get help from your theme author first.”

    Thank you for your help.

    If there is a fee-based support option for this I am interested.



    Please update the theme to the latest version (2.8.1).

    Best regards,


    oh my… holy sh*t… all the custom work we’ve done on our theme is gone.


    … was there some reason it didn’t warn us that would happen?

    I quite don’t think we would’ve done that had I known that just now.

    … I am beyond words…


    I’m really sorry for that but you should know that modifying the theme files directly is a bad practice because you lost the ability to update (you were using a very old version of the theme). We always encourage our users to use a Child Theme for modification.

    If there is something i can help with, please let me know.

    Best regards,



    There are plenty of times in life where people should know something…which they learn because they’ve been warned through experience… this isn’t one of them.

    If changing the theme file is a big deal then all more the reason to protect people! … and your image! …

    … and the damn video still doesn’t render clearly … can you confirm this is a problem with the theme?



    The black bars are coming from the source of the iframe (Wistia), there may be a setting to remove them.



    … not sure what you mean… you’re looking at http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/nkhqgcdh6p … it’s the video on a black background. They’re not the bars I’m referring to which you would see if you view the site I added as Private Data when posting the question…you can see it here…



    I’m not sure there is anything that we can directly do to help LayerSliders performance in this case. You can test it if youd like by switching to any other theme and pulling LayerSlider out of the theme files and install it like a normal plugin.

    The original topic you referenced isn’t applicable with Enfold since we don’t use the Fitvid script.

    As for the data backup, your best route would be to immediately contact your hosting provider and see if they can do a recovery of your previous theme files. Then move your customizations to a child theme.

    Best regards,


    Hello, we also have a problem regarding the integration of a video into a layer slider within enfold, pls check out: http://www.pakka.ch
    According to our client (who uses Windows IE Version 8.0 on Windows XP) the video does not show at all.
    We work on OS X and tried Browserstack for a Cross-Browser-testing.
    The result: OS does not make any problems, regardless of the browser, Windows + Firefox does not seem to work, Chrome and IE depending on the version.
    Do you have a clue, what we can do?
    Best regards


    Hi Fred!

    Your issue is different, please create another topic regarding that.




    Wistia confirmed my speculation that the video size was reduced to 960 when uploaded to blurry when played. The cutoff is 1280 and there is a URL qualifier to play it in HD. The slider and theme were not related to the problem.

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