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    Dear Enfold Team,

    I am running out of options and I hope your answer will be different than answers I’ve seen insofar in regards to this issue, such as ‘video/everything takes time to load’, ‘hire a freelancer’, and so on.

    My client has a video productions company and Enfold seemed like the best theme for the job. All web pages load directly when you enter them in your browser, but the homepage and his ‘services’ page take quite a bit of time before they show anything. (local hosted mp4) (vimeo)
    Pagespeed seems to prefer the first solution and punishes the site for using the vimeo link.

    But both pages take much longer b4 the browser actualy shows a website.

    as his business is all about video he isn’t happy, as his customers are saying ‘man your site (the pages with video) loads really slow’.

    can you provide me with some concrete solutions? we’re aiming for smt as fast as the provided link of a competitor. Browsers show a website immediately, the video only starts playing once it’s loaded and shows the first frame. This is way better than an forever loading browser (independend of internet speed).


    on my end the videos starts quick – yes the selfhosted is faster ( but this is dependent on the traffic of this page ) – but even the vimeo video starts after 1s on my end here.
    What i see on the page with the vimeo video is that the fallback-image is a very large jpg ( first i would crop the image to the aspect ratio of the film 16:9 – then i would compress it more ) this jpg is compresse 232kb big and loaded 14MB – you see on gtmetrix ( ) that this alone loads 614ms.
    And your page has a total page size of 14.4 MB. Maybe the videos are not the reason for slow loading.

    On the first page there is the same issue ( )
    Try to make those images smaller – especially because well over 90% of all visitors to your site will never get to see them anyway.
    After that we will see what happens

    On timings you see that the TTFB ( Time to First Byte ) is over one second – maybe you search for “How to optimize Time To First Byte (TTFB)” and follow some advices there



    Considering how heavy the front page is, then I think it loads pretty fast. Please see test results in private. The page is almost 20mb which is way too much, I would recommend that you find a way to compress the video file a bit more and then upload it again. The waiting time for the server is also quite long, you would have to bring that up with your hosting provider though.

    Best regards,

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