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    Does the latest Enfold theme updates support the new addition to WordPress (via WordPress 4.4.) that adds native responsive image support, and applies srcset and sizes automatically to images? If yes, do i need to do anything to enable it?


    Hey JoeSurf,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Yes, the theme implements the native srcset feature on some elements, but not all. Which specific image element are you interested in? ‘

    To activate it, just got to the Enfold > Performance panel and look for the Responsive Images option. The option is also available for lightbox images.

    Best regards,


    Can we get a list of elements currently NOT supported so we can make design decisions accordingly?

    And also maybe a time-line of the ones being worked on next for support?



    @thp: We do not have a list of elements yet, but you can assume that every shortcode or template file that contains the Av_Responsive_Images class and is using its methods should render responsive images.

    For example, the enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/image/image.php file should contain this line, which outputs an image markup with the srcset attribute.

    return Av_Responsive_Images()->make_content_images_responsive( $output );

    It can be easily done using any text editors’ search feature. In Microsoft VS Code for example, just hit CTRL + SHIFT F in Windows, or CMD + SHIFT + F in Mac to search for the Av_Responsive_Images in every files in the theme.

    You can also assume that every template that is using the get_the_post_thumbnail or the wp_get_attachment_image function will render responsive images or an image with the srcset attribute.

    Best regards,



    UPDATE: This is a list of shortcodes or template files that contains the Av_Responsive_Images class.

    horizontal gallery
    image hotspot
    logo slider
    post slider

    ** some variants or styles may not have the srcset attribute

    Best regards,


    Thank you for the update.

    I’ll keep an eye on the change log to see more elements get supported in the next few releases as well. (perhaps you could mention in the change log when the final elements have support added, so we know ALL elements have it?)



    Thanks for the suggestion. Noted and will do :)

    Best regards,

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