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    I set up a portfolio grid to display portfolio items using ajax preview:

    If you look at tab 1 (Europe) item one you will see I am loading information in a portfolio item.

    However I need to add in a second level Portfolio grid to show and function properly within that preview.

    It ind of works but the images are missing and the 2nd level of ajax preview does not work, opening the item in a new window.

    Is there any way to fix these things OR can I add a custom field to the Portfolio Items template that would allow me to specify the 2nd Portfolio Grid for each different item?

    Also the google map does not appear in the preview window and some other images/components etc do not work sometimes even tho they appear in the available shortcode for the preview content. is this a path issue and can I fix this?

    thanks for your help



    Hey smoothbob,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    You can’t embed an AJAX portfolio grid inside another because the script appends the retrieved content to a specified “portfolio_preview_container”. It won’t be able to distinguished the difference between the actual preview container and the one inside the embedded portfolio grid. Please consider another type of element (e.g magazine, blog posts) for the portfolio items inside the AJAX preview.

    You should also remove the posts pagination because it’s not going to work as expected.

    Best regards,


    thanks for your reply.
    the problem is that I am using portfolio items to show a company profile – but within that I want to show related projects specific to that company
    I have created the projects as portfolio items but the only way I can display these items is using the portfolio grid – you suggest using magazine or blog posts but these do not support portfolio items so I would have to have 2 versions of each portfolio
    suggestions please…

    also why does the google map not work in the preview?



    Hi smoothbob,

    I see you have related items at the bottom, is that not what you need?

    Could you please attach a mockup of what you’re trying to achieve?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria
    I have attached an image of what I wanted to do – load one portfolio grid into another then open the 2nd level items in ajax but apparently it is not possible….?

    so I can still include related projects opening in a new window but as you can see the images for the related projects are not showing – how to fix that?

    and (I asked before but no response) why is the google map not showing in the preview window?

    [av_google_map height='400px' zoom='16' saturation='' hue='' zoom_control='aviaTBzoom_control' maptype_control='' maptype_id='' av_uid='' custom_class='']
    [av_gmap_location address='59 guywood lane' city='' country='' long='-2.089107399999989' lat='53.4158475' marker='' imagesize='40']



    any word?



    Hi smoothbob,

    To see the preview I need to log in to the dashboard. Is the map not showing at all?

    Can you give us temporary admin access to your website in the private content box below, so that we can have a closer look?

    Best regards,

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