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    I am trying to fully integrate my videos, which are hosted on Wistia, into Enfold using the oEmbed codes, so they can be recognised by Yoast Video SEO.

    If I bring in the code and place it directly on a page/post, it works fine. BUT if I use the Advanced Layout Editor and use a Text Block, the code is not seen and is brought into WordPress as text.

    If I add the link to a clear post/page, using the Default Editor, it works fine.

    I tried adding the text into a page, (which had been previously designed using the Advanced Editor), by using the Basic Editor to add it, and it seems to have corrupted the page.

    My questions are:
    Does anyone know how to bring in the oEmbed pure link into Enfold without any elements affecting it?
    Can I mix styles on a page, where some elements are designed using the Advanced Layout Editor and some using the Basic Editor?

    Looking forward to hearing your responses.
    Thanks in advance.



    Have you tried using a Text element and putting the code being in the Text tab?

    Can you post a code example?

    Best regards,


    Hi ImagineFS!

    The advanced layout builder unfortunately can’t be used at the same time as the regular visual editor.

    You can use shortcodes to create your layouts in the regular visual editor and add in the video link that way as a quick workaround.

    What is the video link you are trying to use right now exactly? If you can add it here as a private response we’ll have something to test with and see about a better long term fix.



    Josue, yes I tried using a Text element, but 2 things:
    First the link is not seen, and all you see on the website is the text
    And secondly, Yoast cannot see the code either.

    Here is the code Im trying to use:

    I looked at using shortcodes, but the page is relatively complicated and it didnt seem that easy to re-create each page that way.

    If I cant use these codes in some way within Enfold, we may need to move themes, as we are not getting the benefit of any Video SEO right now.

    Any help, gratefully received.


    Are you using some other plugin to output the video from that url in regular visual editor content? Wistia isn’t listed as a WordPress oembed whitelisted site: http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds


    Hi Devin,
    No this is a code generated by Wistia. Oembed is one of the standard codes used by Yoast, so I am trying to get it working.

    It works fine outside the advanced editor, but thats what my current site has been developed in.

    Im trying to find a way to get OEmbed to work within the advanced editor.


    Is that the full code you are using and it isn’t working in the text tab of a text element (not the regular tab but the secondary text tab)?


    Hi Devin,

    Yes thats it. Thats the full OEmbed code from Wistia.

    I have tried it within a Text Box, doesnt work
    I have tried it within a text box, within an element, doesnt work
    I have tried it on a blank page, NO elements/Boxes – all ok

    Im not sure what you mean by the ‘seconday text tab’?
    Can you pls explain.

    Tx Graham



    Please try to wrap your code into the embed shortcode like

    [embed] http://video.imaginefs.com/medias/jwtmn2t7w3?embedType=iframe&videoWidth=640 [/embed]

    and use the text editor instead of the html editor: http://www.clipular.com/c/6602341889343488.png?k=_uEF1MWdRNxoC3i03f5vf69HqjA

    I tested this method with a vimeo video

    [embed] https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750 [/embed] 

    and it worked for me.



    Thanks for the ideas, but unless I misunderstand, aren’t both of these are used OUTSIDE of the Advanced layout editor? My website has been designed INSIDE the advanced layout editor and therefore I cannot use the basic editor.

    The videos I am trying to get Yoast to see are on EXISTING pages.
    If I start a new page, then it will see it fine, but I cant do that without re-designing the entire website.

    So I repeat my question:
    “Im trying to find a way to get OEmbed to work within the advanced editor.”



    This is a screenshot from a text block using the advanced layout builder: http://www.clipular.com/c/5719116761530368.png?k=cKLNkftLJGIAoupsJ3zeNHJsvvQ

    So yes, this is using the advanced layout builder.


    OK, my misunderstanding, sorry, I will try this method out and let you know.
    Thank you for your patience.



    I’ll leave this thread open (for follow up questions).



    Hi Devin,
    OK, have just tried that this morning and still doesnt work for me
    Is there any way I can get you on the phone or that we can share my screen?
    I just feel I may be doing something wrong.
    Tx Graham
    020 3369 0183



    You can create us an admin account and post the login data as private reply – then we can add the embed code to a test page.




    OK, I have done some further testing…
    This code, which came from Wistia support seems to work:

    This code, which is the recommended Wistia oEmbed code doesn’t work:

    Does that help in any way?
    Tx Graham

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Can you please give an email that I can use outside of this forum please for sharing this info with both Enfold and Yoast.

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    After checking Yoast’s code I think


    will not work (at least for now) because Yoast simply doesn’t support the url. If you check the plugin file code (video-seo.php) you’ll find following line

    if ( in_array( $video['type'], array( 'youtube', 'vimeo', 'blip.tv', 'viddler', 'wistia' ) ) )

    and it lists all search expressions. Your url doesn’t contain ‘youtube’, ‘vimeo’, ‘blip.tv’, ‘viddler’, ‘wistia’ and thus Yoast won’t recognize it….




    I dont know what to say, as it was Yoost, the owner and developer of Yoast Video SEO who told me which Wistia code to use.

    I have started an email group with Wistia, you and Yoost all included. I hope that will resolve this.

    Tx Graham



    Maybe I’m wrong (I don’t know his plugin code very well) but I didn’t find any search expressions which work with imaginefs.com….
    Another related expression is

    wp_oembed_add_provider( '<code>https?:\/\/(.+)?(wistia\.com|wi\.st)\/(medias|embed)\/.*</code>', 'http://fast.wistia.com/oembed', true );

    but if I read it right it will work with http://XXX.wistia.com/medias/ and not with http://video.imaginefs.com/medias/ but let’s wait for Yoast’s answer….


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    The screenshot can be found here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -editor/#post-209388

    I recommend to try the vimeo video/embed code first – insert it into the textbox, save the post and Yoast should recognize it. If this works it’s not a theme issue since the same logic/code is applied to all video services supported by Yoast video.

    Best regards,

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    Can you post the login credentials as private reply please – I can’t remember them…


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    Peter & all

    It seems that the new Wistia code now works within Enfold, within a text block, within the Advanced Layout Editor.
    It shows well in the page itself to the users, and Yoast now sees it within the Video SEO element, which should now be passed t Google.

    I have asked Peter to check this out and ensure its all working as it should, but it looks like we are there.

    Awaiting your confirmation Peter.
    MAny thanks to all involved.



    I didn’t receive the password yet – please sent it to (Email address hidden if logged out) or (Email address hidden if logged out)
    However if all options show up (Yoast Video tab is visible) then everything works as expected and I don’t need to check your website.


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