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    I have read here in the forum that you dont recommend modifying the theme to get the layout builder into posts.

    So I need to know how to use the latest page as the startpage/homepage on the site?

    So that I dont need to go in under Settings->Read and change every time we publish a new page.

    Can I edit the loop or index files in some way to show the latest page instead of post on index?

    We will publish a new page every day and it will be on schedule so If we have to go in under Settings-Read every time and change we cant set it om schedule and it will hard to use after for example a year or so when we have 365 pages to select from in the dropdown.


    Hi ev0l_!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    I’m not sure if there’a a way to automatically schedule a page as frontpage. You can actually use the advance layout builder for post. Edit wp-content > themes > enfold > config-templatebuilder > avia-template-builder > config > meta.php, find this code on line 5:

    array( 'title' =>__('Avia Layout Builder','avia_framework' ), 'id'=>'avia_builder', 'page'=>array('portfolio','page'), 'context'=>'normal', 'priority'=>'high', 'expandable'=>true ),

    Replace it with:

    array( 'title' =>__('Avia Layout Builder','avia_framework' ), 'id'=>'avia_builder', 'page'=>array('portfolio','page', 'post'), 'context'=>'normal', 'priority'=>'high', 'expandable'=>true ),

    If you don’t want to do this, just use the shortcode wand.




    Thanks a lot!



    Glad we could help you. Enjoy the theme.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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