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    I updated wordpress version to 4.5 and had some problems – some texts and accordion slider didn’t show, so I downloaded and updated enfold to the latest version – that fixed the texts and slider not showing problem but now some of the widgets disappeared.

    Please advise what to do.



    Hey sasha!

    Can you please create a temporary admin login and post it here privately?



    Which email should I use for your user?



    You can use (Email address hidden if logged out) but please post login credentials here privately so any available moderator can look into it



    I see there are many complaints about issues after the last wordpress update. I’ll restore my website from the backup and let you fix this and try updating again later.

    Good Luck…



    Updating the theme to the latest version 3.5.2 – should fix the issue and it fixed it for so many users. If it does not on your end, there might be something specific on your installation, therefore we are going to need temporary admin logins to look further.



    We have the same problem with the last update of wordpress to 4.5.
    We followed your instructions and updated to the last Enfold theme version, but it did not work. Many things are missing, eg in the front page the full page video slider.
    I include below in the private content section credentials for access to our website.

    Thank you!



    The site looks good on my end please see screenshot attached. Please hard reload and empty browser cache and review the site again.
    To do a hard refresh… First press F12 to open the Chrome Dev Tools then hold down Ctrl and click on the Reload button.

    Should you have any issues please open a new ticket and add your credentials there as it can be seen by the person who started the thread along with mods. and it is going to be easy to focus on just your ticket without getting mixed up :)






    I have the same problem. After running the 4.5 WP update, many controls didn’t work (content slider, Tab, number,..).
    After an full file backup, WP and Enfold works korrekt.

    I’ ve repeat the installation, and the same. Directly after installing the wp 4.5 update many controls doesn’ t work.




    glad it worked for you.

    Please open a new ticket and provide the link to your site so we can have a look at it.



    CORRECTION FROM PREVIOUS POST: Uploading the updated Enfold Files via FTP gave back SOME of the functionality . The AVIA interface is completely gone. The CHILD theme does not activate.

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    NOTE: I have not updated to WordPress 4.5 yet. Thought this details may help.


    Hi we are having problems updating your theme! can you help?
    we are experiencing the same problems with the sliders and other elements dissapearing
    we are current subscribers with paid support as well



    I am having the same issue! 2 Clients are going insane. All images are missing. I am currently backing up my FTP and reverting back to an older version of WordPress to get the sites back up and running. If anyone else has already done this and has had success please email me (Email address hidden if logged out)


    can i please get some help!


    yasin0424 – I am reverting back to WordPress 4.4 right now and I will let you know if it fixes my issue. What is your email?


    (Email address hidden if logged out) but i didnt have a backup of the site. will i still be able to roll it back?


    Like others in this thread I have missing elements. I also cannot edit or access any text I edited with the Avia Layout Builder. This happened after I upgraded WordPress. I have the latest version of the theme. Can someone help?

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    @vinnie what can we do to resolve this?

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    everythign was updated correctly on your site we just had to clear the WP-Rocket cache. Please hard reload and review the site it’s working fine on my end.

    If you have updated the site most probably it will be a caching issue hard reload and check if you still have any issue go ahead and open a new ticket and share the link to your site.



    @vinnie How do you do a hard reload?


    I cleared everything, hard reload, even deactivated Rocket but the problems persist. I am going to either try to find a backup from last week or attempt to go back to a previous version of WordPress. Viewing in Firefox, in case it makes a difference, though I suspect not.

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    @silviamg I reverted back to WP 4.4.2 and everything works fine now!



    I assure you the site was working fine in version WP 4.5 on my end. you just need to clear the browser cache :)

    for everyone else who would like to try a hard refresh… First press F12 to open the Chrome Dev Tools then hold down Ctrl and click on the Reload button.

    Best regards,


    Nope. Hard refresh does not work at all.


    @silviamg What about this site? it has 4.5 and I did what you said and it does not do anything.


    Will a downgrade to WordPress Version 3.3 work?


    @frednz888 I went back down to 4.4.2 on one site and it all started working again. Its on managed wordpress with Godaddy though so its going to auto update at some point again..

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