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    We have a huge accordion at: http://2013.hawaiiyogafestival.com/schedule/

    As one of our editors was making changes, suddenly he can’t get in and edit it and there’s a mess of code. I noticed on the page that at the very bottom you can see where something is missing and code begins to appear.

    I tried to switch to the Default Editor to edit the HTML directly, but that doesn’t show any of the HTML. Is there a way to get in and fix up whatever might have gone wrong directly in the code?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Drew,

    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?



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    First thing to do is download the updated theme files and then install the newly updated version of Enfold. This will probably not fix the back end issue but may fix it on the front end.

    Next, add this code to your functions.php file:

    //set builder mode to debug
    add_action('avia_builder_mode', "builder_set_debug");
    function builder_set_debug()
    	return "debug";

    This will give you a new field after the advanced layout editor that will show all of the content of the editor elements. See if you can spot where the error in the shortcodes is (if possible).

    I also saved the schedule page as a template in the top right corner of the advanced layout editor just in case the whole page blanks out and you lose the data you’ll have an immediate re-fresh.



    Hi there – when I added the code it broke the theme completely with the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_RETURN, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in wp-content/themes/enfold/functions.php on line 17

    Really frustrated, as our schedule is being looked at constantly on the website – it’s the most important page (our event is coming up!)



    Also, the theme admin area says the theme files are up to date? Or were you suggesting a manual step there?

    Thanks, your support is great appreciated (and needed) at the moment!



    Make sure you pasting in the code exactly as I have it. A missing bracket can break the whole site so the whole thing needs to be in there.


    Yes I did, and it broke the whole site – the Enfold theme management area says the theme is up to date, is this implementable only in the most recent version that perhaps the update option isn’t noting?

    Meanwhile, I was able to paste the HTML into the default editor, and we are hand-coding for the moment to keep things rolling.

    By the way – saving as a template didn’t work – it removed almost all of the HTML/code. I had a desperate moment but was able to get the HTML out of the SQL database to save the day…



    No, the debug has been in there since enfold came out. My guess is that it is getting pasted in either inside of another element something like that. Putting it right after:

    require_once( 'functions-enfold.php');

    should work fine.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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