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    Since I changed something here and there (e.g. added YouTube icon, changed Headlines style etc.), is there any chance to upgrade the theme without overwriting and losing my customization?


    Hi gianmarizzi!

    If you know exactly which files you changed, you can backup them, update and then try to merge them, otherwise i don’t think it’s possible. i’d recommend you using a Child theme next time.



    I know it, but now? Is it too late to use a child theme?



    You can move edited files to your child theme and update parent theme



    Tried to do that: I created a style.css, importing all the customization I had placed in custom.css and clicked on the blue button for importing parent settings but the result is a real mess!

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    The import parent options will pull in the theme options from the parent only and then the child’s style.css will be added in after everything else so it should be pretty stable.

    Are there any issues that you were unable to adjust with your new css?



    The strange thing is that the result is sort of a mix of parent and child: posts and pages are there but styles and other things (such as menus and widgets) no. Anyway, since I’ve changed something in the header.php and added styles in custom.css, I only need to backup these files, right?



    Yes exactly. Just backup these files, overwrite the old files with the new updated files and replace the custom.css file. However you need to be careful with header.php because we updated this file too and you can’t simply overwrite it.

    (such as menus and widgets

    Yes, unfortunately WordPress does not save this settings when you switch the theme. You need to go to Appearance > Menus and Appearance > Widgets to re-save the menu theme locations and the widgets.



    Once I created the child theme, where should I customize my theme? Do I have to copy custom.css in enfold-child or just use style.css in enfold-child?



    You should copy files that you would like to customize from parent theme folder to child themes folder and customize them there and you should just use styles.css file in child theme



    Ok, I did it but had some problems after copying function.php from parent to child (“problems” means a f*****g mess)



    You don’t need to copy functions.php file if you didn’t change anything on it. We really can’t tell you exactly which files to copy on the child theme since you are the only one who know the changes you made on the theme. It is suggested to set up a child theme right before you change anything on the theme files and before you add anything on the website. If you only did some css changes on the Quick CSS or custom.css, you can copy those directly on the child theme’s style.css.

    Best regards,

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