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    Which 2.3.1 files do I need to update? I did many small changes. It’s better for me not to upgrade the entire theme and then perform changes again.



    Hey yukanl!

    There are lots of changes on the theme files and I doubt if Kriesi will have the time to pin point each files that is changed. Please create a “Change Log” to list all of the modifications that you created or you can use a child theme to preserve them.

    Best regards,


    No problem.

    I have upgraded to the latest version.

    If I made changes to files like header, functions and files in the css folder. How should I keep them under a child theme? Do I put them all together in the same folder or follow the main theme structure? If I modified shortcodes.css and put it in a child theme, which shortcodes.css would site load since there would be two with one under the main theme and the other under child theme?




    You can copy the files inside the child’s theme folder and it will override the existing file on the main theme folder. For example copy header.php, place it on the child theme’s folder then erase everything. You’ll notice that you will no longer have a header and the whole site will be broken because there is no header to be found.

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    When you say “erase everything”, do you mean the files placed in the child theme directory would actually delete the main theme files?

    What do I do when a new version is released? Assuming I have a heavily customized header.php, would I need to compare the entire header.php file with the new version? If so, wouldn’t that be even more time consuming?




    You can read more about child themes here:

    WordPress will attempt to use the child theme files first for those that are in the root directory. If it finds one, it will use that file instead.

    If you heavily modify the header.php and the theme releases an update to header.php then yes you would still need to compare versions to update your child’s file.

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    Thank you Devin.

    I will do manual update then.

    Please go ahead and close this ticket.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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