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    I need to get this solved quickly as I had not expected a simple upgrade would break this many things:

    1) The footer no longer displays the correct information. I lost ALL the widgets because of the upgrade and had to redo them but for some reason the footer widgets only show odd default information for Footer 1 and Footer 2 widgets and not the actual text I have placed in them.

    2) I had the category archives page displaying without the “Archives for:” text in front of it. I had done that by going into this file:
    Enfold >> framework >> php >> function-set-avia-frontend.php and changing line Line 963 and had removed the words ‘Archive for:’ and left it empty so it only shows the name of the category. I just tried to update this latest version with the same change but it has no effect. Additionally I did search for the words “Archive for:” in the entire Enfold directory and there is nothing else that corresponds to the archives for category page. Where did this get moved to? I need to correct that title.

    3) ALL my Advanced WQSF widgets and forms that I had created are completely gone. I had not touched that plugin at all. The only thing I did was upgrade Enfold and now all that work is gone (very customized search boxes for the site).

    4) The widget for “Displayed Everywhere” does not update the site with the appropriate form when I add that. It’s like I’m unable to add certain things to widgets now.

    Just FYI, the menu style also broke so I had to go in and adjust the CSS because the new Enfold had different style settings apparently than the first. I was able to fix that myself though.

    Please help with the footer and the ‘archives for’ questions as I need to get those resolved. It looks really silly to have the default “Heare are some interesting links for you!” message in the footer and for me not to have any control to change that. Thanks.

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    Okay, just solved some of it. I had turned the caching plugin OFF so it should not have been caching (had even cleared the cache) but everything was still showing up incorrectly. Since my note I turned the caching back, cleared it yet again and then turned it off again and now several things are resolved. Unfortunately all the lost widget data and the complete loss of all the advanced search forms I built is still gone. Really wish I could understand what happened there but I guess that this point we can mark this as resolved since I don’t think you’ll have any information for me on getting back all the data that was lost in the upgrade. Thanks.



    I am sorry to hear.
    It is a bit strange, as widgets should not be missed at all, to be honest, but always before updates, we ask to have a back-up just in case.
    Please do let me know if u have any questions for our theme, we will be glad to answer them.


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