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    My client tried to update his site to the newest version of Enfold. Screen went entirely white. Bluehost troubleshooting now, but appears there’s a PHP error. Website is entirely compromised.


    Hey James,

    Which version of PHP are you running on the site? To avoid things like these in the future you should perform all updates on a staging version of the site first. If you should need help maintaining your site then I can recommend a service to help you out with that.

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,

    The site is hosted (since 2012) at Bluehost. My client has been updating the site himself without problems until this most recent release of Enfold.
    The PHP version is 5.6





    Also problem with update. Update from 4.2 to 4.2.1, Fatal Error:

    …./wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/shortcode-parser.class.php on line 2556

    PHP 5.6



    Went back to 4.2, and this works. Tried again with 4.2.1 – Fatal Error like before. Seems, I need to wait to the next version. Will try the same game with another website.


    Ok. Now I found out MY mistake. There was a old code in the htaccess file, which kept the php version on 5.2. even when I changed it in the backend of my hoster. Ahhhh, so stupid!!!!
    I changed this, and now update 4.2.1 works fine!
    To everybody. Check the php version carefully!
    René the blockhead :(



    Glad to hear that it’s fixed and thanks for sharing how it was fixed on your site, it would surely help others with the same issue :)

    Best regards,


    Hey Nikko,
    What PHP version is best to use with Enfold ver 4.2.1 ?



    There’s no best version to use but we always suggest 5.6 or higher :)

    Best regards,

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