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    Hello, I hadn’t updated Enfold since September 18, and I was working to manually add all updates since then, starting with the oldest. When I got toward the end of the notes for the most recent version, I saw that it said that it would be best to reupload the theme folder, so I did that. Now my website appears to be blank (no text, favicon, etc.).

    After my website disappeared, I tried to manually move the new Enfold theme folder as a whole to replace it. Again, this did not work. I attempted the same thing with an earlier version (Sept. 18). My website still appears to be blank.

    As a sidenote, I tried to visit the URL for another language, which would have different Enfold settings, and the site is still blank.

    Please advise.


    Hello MHM!

    At this point I would suggest to just delete the entire Enfold theme folder and then install via FTP the theme folder and then watch to make sure there are no upload errors with any of the files.

    If you have any plugins active, deactivate them before installing so that there is no conflicts with plugin settings at the same time the theme is trying to activate.



    Thanks for the advice, Devin. However, I can’t get into my CMS to deactivate the plugins because where the website should be is a blank page. I go to the subpage for the WordPress login, and it is also a blank page.


    Also, I would prefer not to delete Enfold folder if possible. I have added custom settings for each of the 13 translations of my website (WPML) plus versions for the blog, PR and news. That is 16 versions with lots of customizations. Is there some other way to update without reconfiguring a couple days’ worth of manual work?


    You’ll need to access your WordPress files via FTP in that case and then download a copy of your plugins folder. Then delete the plugins either all at once or one by one from the plugins folder and see if that helps in being able to access the WordPress dashboard again.

    Deleting the theme doesn’t remove your custom settings as they are saved in your database. You could login to your phpMyAdmin panel and download a sql backup of your data if you want to have a definite copy of your settings just in case but it shouldn’t be needed.


    Thank you for resolving this issue, Devin.

    I deleted my plugins folder as you recommended and reuploaded Enfold and my plugins. My site and CMS are now visible and accessible again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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