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    1.i want to update the theme, but not shure how to…


    download again from themeforest

    Unzip all

    change logo.psd and logo.png (as i change it in the older version)

    upload all the files via filezilla

    thats it? i wont loose any customization done it in the older version? having the same problem (not showing products in the product slideshow) as everybody that has upgrade the woocomerce 1.4.1… will wait for your “problem solved” release…


    1. I did what i said in the first post, worked ok i think… but the version in my dashboard still says 1.0…

    2. still waiting

    3. (new) the dates on the blog post are not showing ok… they show something like this: %d 24UTC %B 24UTC %Y




    1) The version number in style.css hasn’t changed. It’s still 1.0. It’s obviously not very clever but I think Kriesi just forgot to update style.css.

    2) Kriesi will release an update soon.

    3) It seems to be a problem with the standard get_the_date() function. I’d try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one causes this error (qtranslate, etc.).


    Hi Dude, thanks for the answer…

    1. ok

    2. waiting…ok

    3. i deactivate qtranslate and date shows ok… can i solve the problem to keep working with qtranslate?



    Hi Dude… im working fine with the latest update…

    But can you help me out with the qtranslate-date issue?…



    I’d contact the qtranslate author because it’s probably a plugin issue. We just use the standard wordpress/php date function and it seems like the plugin hooks into it and messes around with the output (maybe it tries to “translate” the date – different date formats, etc. but I’m not sure because I’m not familiar with the qtranslate code).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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