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    Hello mods,
    There have been several pretty critical issues fixed since 4.5.5 was released.
    Two of these noted below:

    For those of us who pay close attention to our Enfold versioning and installations, it would be good customer service if you would post regular updates, maybe every two weeks, which incorporate all the bugs fixed during that time period. The way things are right now, we have no clue when these fixes come through. We should not have to go through the forums searching for bug fixes.

    So who makes this decision?


    Hey crtdude,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I agree that we should try to be more clear and transparent in what’s actually in the updates we put out. I’ve brought your topic up for discussion internally.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Rikard. It’s not so much what is contained in the updates since the changelog is always updated perfectly. It’s the regularity of the updates so we can count on fixes generated since the last update being distributed at regular intervals.



    Yes, we have discussed internally this process and there is an idea for us to work on this post.
    Thank you very much for putting also your ideas inside! :)

    Best regards,

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