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    Jordan gave me a solution for one problem I’m having with the interaction between the latest version of Enfold and The Events Calendar plugin. Here’s another:

    The events list display is now fine, but when displaying an individual event, there’s some misbehavior. The Details/Organizers/Venue box, which used to display at the bottom of the listing, has now been hoisted up to the top, in a column to the left of the main panel. The problem is that when the organizer’s domain name is a bit long, as ours is, the email address and website URL bleed off the panel. There’s no longer enough room for them on the Details, etc., panel. This looks a little tacky and unprofessional. See, for example:
    So, the question is, is their a way to make that panel a tad wider? Or would that screw everything up (including the perhaps mobile display)? Or the font for the email addresses and URLs a tad smaller? Or a way of moving that Details, etc. pane back to the bottom of the listing?

    Thanks! Lance


    Hi @CWM ;
    if you add this line into tour custom css it will reduce the left margin and also the width of the “event detail” (left side)
    .av-single-event-content{width: 55% !important;margin-left: 10px !important;}

    the origanl is ;
    .av-single-event-content{width: 60%;float:right;margin-left: 50px;}


    Hi Lance,

    Did you have any luck with @begrafik’s suggestion? Let us know if you didn’t and we’ll have a closer look.



    Sorry for the delayed reply; I don’t seem to be receiving the follow-up reply notifications via email.

    Yes, indeed. @begrafik’s solution did work. Many thanks to him or her. I added it to my “quick css” box. Actually a tad too well, in the sense that now the Details/Organizers panel is a bit too wide for my taste, so that it now dominates the screen, thus:

    Would I be correct in assuming that I could adjust those numbers? How would I adjust them to make the Details/Organizers panel,say, 20 px narrower?

    May I ask: Would there be some quick css code that would move the Details/Organizer panel back down below the main event panel, like it use to be?

    Your help is much appreciated! Lance

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    OK, I figured out how to tweak the numbers in @begrafik’s code. So I’m happy.



    Great, glad you got it working and thanks to @begrafiks for helping out :-)



    I am having the same problem here:

    Notice that the email is getting cutoff on the right. The solutions here won’t work because I have an unusually long email address.

    Can you give me the CSS code that put the ORGANIZER section underneath the DETAILS section, which would remedy this problem?

    Thanks in advance…



    The email is too long to fit into the row, try this in Quick CSS to break it into two lines:

    .tribe-organizer-email {
      word-wrap: break-word;

    Best regards,


    That’ll work.

    Thank you!



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