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    since I have updated to WP 3.6 and ENFOLD 1.9.1 I get an error with the RSS/Twitter-Widget in my footer; I have entered in the widget my twitter username and my feed URL – they’re right; it’s huge list of these errors:

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 45: parser error : xmlParseEntityRef: no name in /home/www/web333/html/_wp/2013/wp-content/themes/viaina_responsive/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 651

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: (function(){function f(a){a=a||window.event;if(!a)return;!a.target&&a. in /home/www/web333/html/_wp/2013/wp-content/themes/viaina_responsive/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 651

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: ^ in /home/www/web333/html/_wp/2013/wp-content/themes/viaina_responsive/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 651

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 45: parser error : EntityRef: expecting ';' in /home/www/web333/html/_wp/2013/wp-content/themes/viaina_responsive/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 651


    Line 651 of the class-framework-widgets.php is:

    $xml = simplexml_load_string($twittercount);

    What can I do?




    when I delete my Twitter username then it shows me the icons, but Twitter is not linked with my username, it’s just linked to such an URL:


    It makes no difference, if I enter my twitter username or the whole Twitter URL of mine in the widget – it shows always the errors mentioned above. Plugins have all been disabled.



    It’s not happening on my end. Do you have any other plugins that may interfere with the widget?




    strange … I have disabled all plugins … any other idea?

    What does the error (see above) means:

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 45: parser error : xmlParseEntityRef: no name in ...


    When I enter NO Twitter name in the widget, then it works. As soon as I enter it, I get the error – and my username is definitely right.


    Hi colorit2,

    Try re-uploading the whole framework folder. There could have just been an issue when you first updated those files.




    Thanks, Devin, but I have uploaded today the new 2.0 ENFOLD folders and before I deleted all from the old version. Then disabled all plugins – still the same error. Any other idea?

    It hasn’t to do with the new Twitter API?


    I tried to figure it out – without success. I have created a new sub-blog within my WP network with a fresh 2.0 ENFOLD theme, today downloaded, no plugins enabled.

    Could there be any problems within a WP network, with a multisite installation? Do I have to install and activate Widget Twitter Pro as it is mentioned in the version.txt of ENFOLD 2.0?

    There is a huge number of errors before the icons are appearing:


    The links to Twitter and RSS are right and working:


    I’ve exactly the same problem…



    Edit line 651 on framework > php > class-framework-widgets.php:

    $xml = simplexml_load_string($twittercount['body']);

    Replace with:

    //$xml = simplexml_load_string($twittercount['body']);




    thanks, but now the errors had gone, but it still does not show me any Twitter followers and not RSS followers.



    The widget does not meant to give you a Follower count or something like that. It is only a link to your Twitter account and your RSS feed. You can also see it on the Enfold demo. Check the footer area.




    Thanks, but why is this widget in class-framework-widgets.php called


    * Widget that retrieves, stores and displays the number of twitter and rss followers

    in line 561?

    Isn’t that this widget?


    Hey colorit sorry to butt-in on this but I just wanted to ask you if I may about the before and after plugin fiftyfifty you brought. I just got it and used their short code and dont see any images. Did you just enter the code in the avia text block?


    add into a simple text block:

    [fiftyfifty img1="http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/testsw.jpg" img2="http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/testsw.jpg/testfarbe.jpg"]

    copy the images paths after uploading the two images to your media library.



    Let me tag Kriesi to clear things up. :)




    Hey! It seems twitter has also deprecated this way of getting the feed, thats the caue of the error. at this point it is no longer possible to easily retrieve a follower count without complicated authentication. Something which I dont wont to add to the theme itself, so I recommend to search for a plugin that can do that….

    The errors will be fixed with the next update

    Sorry for that :/

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