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    I just updated my website to 3.8.4 and all image galleries on the site are blank, but only in Chrome. I removed the JavaScript patch from a previous image update issue and emptied the cache, but no change.


    Hi Veronica!

    “Your access to this site has been limited”. Can you please disable IP restriction temporarily so we can look into it? :)



    Ach — I fixed this but wrote it in Private without anything in the public section and it didn’t post! Please take a look again.



    Adding following code to Quick CSS helps but that should not be necessary.

    .av-masonry-entry {
        visibility: visible;
        opacity: 1;

    Please try re-updating the theme to the latest version 3.8.4 via FTP and overwrite all files – kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/updating-your-theme-files/. Also, please try de-activating all active plugins and check if that helps

    Best regards,


    None of that worked. I updated via FTP last time, just did it again with no errors. Plugins make no difference.

    The CSS code helped, but the masonry is broken so there’s a lot of extra padding. Can you please take another look?




    I am seeing this error in console. I believe issue is CDN related. Please try flushing cache



    Purged W3 Cache and CloudFlare’s cache, and still I see issues with the image spacing. Tried removing the CSS to see if that helped but the images disappeared altogether.

    Other options?



    Please post FTP logins here privately as well. Also, are we allowed to deactivate all active plugins for testing purposes?



    Yes, you can deactivate plugins, though I prefer they not be down too long.


    Any luck on this? The masonry is still broken, but I’ve noticed it only breaks in some cases — if there is a portrait instead of landscape image in the first row, the spacing seems to be all off. If the first row is all landscape shots, it looks ok.

    I am using a snippet of code in my functions.php to randomize the images. Dunno if that makes a difference.

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    Can you clear cloudflare cache, a 404 error appears in the console because the link doesn’t point to the right css, if you check the page source: http://veronicakirinphotography.com/wp-content/themes/enfold-child/style.css?ver=2 you should be able to see:

    @import url('enfold/style.css');

    which I have already replaced to:

    @import url('../enfold/style.css');

    As for the masonry gallery issue, it doesn’t seem to run the js for masonry since I can see this class in the google inspector:

    av-masonry-container isotope av-js-disabled 

    Can you try to disable all plugins as it might be causing the issue.

    Best regards,


    I disabled all plugins and emptied the W3 Cache and CloudFlare Cache again — still no change.



    Can you please disable cloudflare and give us backend access, so we can help as further as possible?

    Thank u

    Best regards,


    Backend access is in the private notes above. CloudFlare cache has been emptied, but I hesitate to disable it. There is a backend plugin if you wish to disable while you’re in.



    please disable your Cloudflare or any other caching completely, to check if the issue is caused by it.

    Best regards,


    Still broken.



    all your image are working fine now. Could you fix the issue? if you don’t see any changes then please clear browser cache and hard refresh a few times.

    Best regards,

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