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    I keep running into the need to copy individual complex elements from pages. Totally not digging the kludgey workaround of saving the entire page (which might contain a whole whack of other stuff I don’t want) as a template, then slurping that entire set of stuff into a new page and deleting everything but the one thing I want. Bleh.

    Several existing queries/responses on the topic are a few years old, so I’m hoping there’s an update on this. It’s gotta at least be on the roadmap, right? Seems to me like a basic and necessary feature. : / If not simple copy and paste functionality, you should at least be able to save individual elements, or groups of elements as templates the same way you can currently save an entire PAGE as a template. Same idea, right? Please?

    Some threads there’s mention of enabling debug mode, then doing…something…with the shortcode that’s behind the elements. But I don’t understand, step by step, what to do with that code. A little video tutorial of that process would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi JeeBar,

    We don’t have video instructions but this one is easy to follow if you want to give it a go:

    Best regards,

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