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    a) What do I do with the update ZIP? Do I unpack it and upload via FTP to replace the theme folder? If so, do I need to create a child-theme to not lose any tweaks? Have you got a template child-theme? Would I need to do an FTP upload for every theme update or can one automate this? And if I introduce any changes in php, how do I ensure these don’t get screwed-up by an update?

    b) I realise I need to tweak the menu quite a bit. I’d like to have a centred logo and a centred menu just below it. Which files and regions need amending to do this safely? Been playing around a bit with the CSS of .logo, #header_main .container, and .main_menu to see what the results might be. A possible alternative would be a combined logo+menu sprite – though not sure how I’d assign theme menu items to the sprite.



    Hi danfarberoff,

    For updating, I made a quick how-to for updating via FTP here:

    There is also a child theme video here:

    How you handle updates and keeping changes is up to you but what I typically do is create a personal change log that I write down any changes to files that I make.

    To center the logo above the menu you would need to add the main css changes to your custom.css file in the css folder. Adding them to the desktop media query will allow the theme to still adjust without issue for tablet and below sizes but you can also add additional css to change things there too.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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