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    Please Help!

    I just updated from 1.3 to 1.7.1 via FTP, and now I get nothing, literally nothing – no error, just a white screen of non-functioning death :(

    Here’s what I did and my environment :

    1. Backed up the “enfold” theme folder from my server to my desktop
    2. Deleted the “enfold” theme folder on the server
    3. Uploaded the new, unzipped “enfold” folder (1.7.1) in it’s place via FileZilla. All files completed without any problems.
    4. My host is WPengine. I used the Staging version of the site, for testing, which is good, but there were a TON of updates I made on Staging that I fear I’ve now lost
    5. Refreshed to a white screen of non-functioning death :(

    Have NO idea what could have gone wrong, but I’m completely freaked out. Please help! I have a client meeting tomorrow that I need this up for. Thank you!!

    Update : Apparently it was a 1d10t user error :) I just uploaded the “enfold” folder WITH the nested unzipped “enfold” folder in it. Thank God! I was freaking out. Mostly everything seems in place. Going to go finish going through all the details now. Thanx!


    Hey Michae1,

    Glad you figured out the issue. I’ve actually done that myself a number of times but hopefully all is working fine for you now.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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