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    Hi, I am pretty new to all this WP and theme stuff. Have built a couple of sites but class myself as a real novice. I am loving this Enfold Theme though, really easy to use. However, I just received an email to say there is an update. Do I downloaded the whole theme again and opened the Version.txt file. PLEASE can I ask that you format this in some way? …

    Oh I just pasted some of the text and it formats itself here lol. OK will paste it into Word in the future.

    Q: Is the only way to update via FTP ?

    Q: If updating a Folder, I replace the whole folder right?

    Q: How do I tell which version of the theme I currently have installed?

    Q: I installed on WP 3.6 – am just using basic functions at the moment so presume I can carry on until you have a 3.6 update and don’t really need to bother with this current one?

    Thanks, great theme !

    2013 August 6 – Version 1.9.1

    please update:

    – style.css – new version number

    – functions.php – theme uses the wordpress 3.6 media scripts now

    – css/shortcode.css – fixed a styling problem with the new video shortcode

    – js/shortcode.js – fixed an easyslider problem introduced with WordPress 3.6

    2013 August 6 – Version 1.9

    please update:

    – style.css – new version number

    – css/layout.css – various small fixes

    – functions.php

    – functions-enfold.php

    – includes/helper-responsive-megamenu.php

    – includes/helper-conditional-megamenu.php

    – config-woocommerce/config.php – fixed bug with 404 page

    – config-woocommerce/admin-options.php – Added layout options (header, footer etc)

    – config-bbpress/bbpress-mod.css – improved bbpress forum widget stylings

    folders to update:

    -folder js:

    -fixed a bug with the easy slider not rotating properly

    -folder config-templatebuilder:

    – fixed: a bug that prevented the layoutbuilder from showing

    – fixed: a bug that occurs with custom css label and image element

    – fixed: a bug with the gallery caption

    -folder framework:

    -fixed: required symbol for date input field

    -added: theme support flag for conditional menu:


    using the flag will enable conditional logic for menus

    (you can show/hide menu items based on user level, login, current page, etc)


    Hi Heathcliffe,

    I did an update video for Enfold which should help you to update quickly via FTP here:




    Hi. I’ve updated Enfold to the latest version 1.9.1 following the above instructions, but the fullwidth easy slider still doesn’t work. Sticks on first page on chrome, and no arrows showing in IE, although you can click on dots at bottom and see next photo in IE (not chrome). Here’s one of the pages:

    Please advise asap as I’ve been trying to fix this all week and it has stopped me launching my site.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Chris,

    If you’ve updated Enfold you can also update to WordPress 3.6.

    However you have a javascript error coming from something with Facebook and another from a javascript error. So you should try disabling all active plugins before trying anything else to see if there is a javascript conflict.




    Hi, I have a similar problem with a slider ( and I downgraded to wordpress 3.5, but it still does not work. What can I do at this point?



    @yulchik31: You should update your Choices theme to 1.9. It will fix the slider issues. Download the latest version on your themeforest account.




    Thank you Devin. Not sure exactly what I did, but uploaded the whole theme again. Filezilla never asked if I wanted to replace it. The files seem to be there and the theme working.


    Glad we could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



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