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    First of all thanks for a great update.
    I briefly tested on diff. browsers, and there seems to be an issue on Chrome since the new update (this is a Chrome issue only, works on IE (11), Firefox, Safari).

    Testing your own themedemo

    1: Fonts (google-fonts, open sans) not showing properly (blurry) (IE11 now showing open sans but some arial-like typefont instead – but not blurry)
    2: New fullwidth google map not showing at all (in contact page)
    3: New transparent header feature not working (does not shrink og change background color). OK in other browsers than Chrome

    best regards


    Hey nonne!

    Please try updating Enfold to the latest version 2.6.1 and check if issue remains



    Same issue after 2.6.1 update, in both Chrome and Firefox.


    I also have issues with the fonts after updating to version 2.6.1. I would really appreciate your help.


    Hey Yigit

    Thanks for your answer. The problem actually is not on any of my applications since I have not updated yet. I just mentioned Chrome issues testet on your own themedemo

    The font issues seems to have disappeared on my end but issues with transparent header that does not shrink and change background color still there + no google map in Contacts still there!!




    As far as I know there is a current issue with google fonts and chrome.

    The old google widget was removed and there is now a google maps element to create the contact form maps content.

    As for the transparent header, can you point to an example on your site so we can take a look?



    Hey Devin

    Thanks for your answer. You guys really have a busy time. I think we are a lot of people out here VERY happy about the theme, but a little concerned of the rush launching new features…!

    As I mentioned the issues reported is on YOUR OWN themedemo:

    – Still no google map in pages/contact
    – Headers/transparent header still does not shrink and change background color
    (both theese chrome issues only)

    Best regards


    I have no issues with the demo or on any of my client or dev installs which is why I asked for a link to an example.

    The google maps is no longer a widget, it is now an element like you you would add in an image, gallery, video etc. You need to go to your contact page and drag and drop that element to the page.


    Hey Devin

    OK, if it is only a Chrome issue on MY pc, I guess both you and I can live with that – maybe the sort of issue, that will disappear as time goes by :) (and yes, I offcourse have cleared cache etc.)


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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