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    hello, at my wordpress site i m having this old incarnation theme version 1.3
    now some plugin is not working correctly anymore, visual composer.
    is it safe to update this template to the latest version, without losing settings?
    is it just : upload and install? and can i get this upate on your site?


    Hi jelle,

    It should be safe to update but please back up before you do so. You could also try the update on a staging/local install first to see if everything works out as expected. You can get the latest version on your Themeforest account.



    hello rikard
    thanks a lot.
    now this whole stuff is for a client of mine, who’s i concerned of losing stuff of his website.
    the question is if you guys do those updates, if we’d make a guest wordpress account for you on his site.
    1 would you?
    2. what are the costs?



    If you post WordPress admin credentials, FTP access and upload the latest version of incarnation.zip file on your server, we can do the update for you for free. But please make sure to have a backup of your files to be on the safe side.

    Best regards,


    hello yigit, that would be great. do you want it zipped or unzipped on the server? and in which folder?

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    see Private content

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    now in private part


    for now ive put the zipped one in httpdocs
    ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -community-theme-wordpress-theme (1).zip)



    Can you please post login link to your website as well? wp-admin and wp-login.php did not work for me

    Best regards,


    yes, see below

    best regards, j. vanhijfte

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    I activated updated version of the theme. Please review your website and then remove the old version in Appearance > Themes


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