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    Hi people,

    I have an understanding problem with the entire portfolio theme.

    I do not understand the whole organization, what should I do when as, what are the categories for which contributions etc. … there is here a documentation please, I do not checke this.

    thousand thanks for your help position ;-)



    Hi carsten,

    The theme creates a new menu group called Portfolios in the wordpress sidebar. From there, you can manage your portfolio items just like posts: add a title, add some content, select the items categories and thats about it.

    You also have the option of using the Advanced Layout Editor to customize the look and feel of each individual portfolio item page to create unique and interestig layouts.

    Just like with pages you also have the option to change the overall page layout with the Layout meta box on the right hand side of the visual editor.

    Display a portfolio to a page

    You can add predefined groups of your portfolio items (by individual or multiple category selections) to pages using the Portfolio Grid Shortcode or by adding the Portfolio Grid element to an Advanced Layout.

    Either method will bring up the Portfolio Grid options window where you select:

    Categories to display

    Number of columns from 1 to 4

    Number of items to be displayed per page

    *Note: Showing a lot of items on a single page will usually cause longer load times for visitors

    If you want to display The Title and Excerpt of the item (Either, None or both)

    The image size used for the grid (typically only change for a specific intended purpose)

    If the grid should have sorting options based on the Categories selected above

    *Note: The displayed categories will only sort and show items that are already viewable on the page. They will not do a second query to pull up items not already visible

    Pagination for multiple pages showing the number of portfolio items selected above on each page




    thanks devin, many thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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