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    We’ve used your theme for a while as we purchased a complete webpage as a service from a company. And as our demand of layout worked very well with your theme, that’s the one they chose.
    However as we no more have a partnership with them I purchased the theme myself just today as the edited the files instead of creating a child theme etc.

    However, in theme settings-> header behavor, there’s an option called unstick topbar, which should perform exactly what I’m asking for.
    I want the meny, and only the menu to be stuck at the top while scrolling down, ESPECIALLY in mobile view, and therefor let the topbar be unstuck. But checking that box makes BOTH the topbar AND the meny unstuck…. :(

    What can I do to just have the topbar unstuck?
    Thanks! :)




    Hey Jimmy,

    I get an error message from WordFence when trying to access your, do you have any country restrictions active? The moderators are located all over the world so it might be a good idea to lift the access ban until we have finished helping you out.

    Best regards,


    Sorry about that, we try to minimize attacks so I’ll remove it temporarly.
    Unstick know works for the topbar works in desktop mode but not in mobile view, is it suppose to work in desktop mode only?
    Whats the secret to stick the menu but not the topbar in mobile view? :)



    sorry for the late reply and yes, it is supposed to work on desktop only this way. If you really need this behavior on mobile as well, I recommend to hire a freelance developer, as it would be considered as custom work.




    I hope that’s something that could show up in future releases as a fully responsive site should work the same way in many areas regardless of the users device.
    I’ve sticked the menu in responsive mode now, but it includes the topbar. Looking into the page’s html and css it seems that the topbar doesn’t have a ready function to style it below @767 pixels… YET! :)
    Thanks for your reply. If you leave this thread open for 10days it will give me space to post a solutions for other enfold-users. :)



    Sure, we will keep the thread open :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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