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    Please forgive my ignorance, but I’m struggling to achieve what I would like to do. Let me explain…

    I have around 120 photos of our entertainment agency performers. They need to be split into one of 2 types, ‘male performers’ and ‘female performers’. I also need the performers to be split into one of 8 geographical region (i.e. London, The South, The North, East Anglia, The Midlands, Wales, Scotland, Ireland).

    I have been trying to use a combination of a portfolio and gallery to achieve this, but I must be misunderstanding which should be portfolio categories, which should be portfolio items and which to display using the layout builder gallery.

    I want to ensure I do it the most efficient way, using the least amount of pages but without having too many images and therefore links on any one page (possibly affecting my seo). I want the final selection (for example, ‘male performers in London’, or ‘female performers in London’) to be displayed as an 8 column gallery (as I need to have captions with the perfomer name and details) that then uses the lightbox to display the fullsize image.

    The nearest I got to what I wanted was to create 16 portfolio item pages (8 items, one for each area, for the males and 8 for the same areas for the females), with 2 portfolio categories as ‘male performers’ and ‘female performers’ and then create 2 ordinary pages (male performers, female performers) and have a portfolio item limited to its specific category. Each portfolio item page then contained a gallery of those performers.

    This seems a really inefficient way of doing it, but I can’t get my head around how best to organise it, or even if I understand the whole purpose of the portfolio items etc.

    I also then had to add the code below to functions.php (as advised in a post about using multiple portfolios) just so they didn’t interfere with each other (but I then lost the previous/next functionality with this code addition):

    * add multiple portfolio workaround m meaney
    add_filter('avia_post_nav_categories', 'use_same_category_filter');
    function use_same_category_filter($same_category)
    $same_category = true;
    return $same_category;

    Can anyone advise me, in a clear way, on how best to achieve what I want? Should I even think about using a separate plugin?


    Hi meanster99,

    With the requirement to have 8 columns that is just about your only option.

    The way I approach these issues is to decide what theme features I want to use and then try to adjust around that. With your requirements, I would say the current approach is probably the best though a bit cumbersome.

    Another way would be to make each performer a single portfolio item and then add a category for every region you have in addition to male or female. So your categories would be the groups you wanted to show instead of just male/female and region; ex – Female Performers in London.

    Then you just create a page showing that Female Performers in London category and each individual can be selected to display their ‘profile’ type information which is really just a single portfolio item.

    It doesn’t give you the 8 column grid, but its an alternative.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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