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    i noticed with the last update we have a unclosed div in -> <div class=”entry-content” itemprop=”text” >


    Hey cr3epy,

    I checked for the issue and it appears all the div’s are closed properly.

    Please right click and inspect the page.
    Again right click on the opening div and select “Edit as HTML”.
    Copy the code to any code editor and it should give you a better way to check for opening and closing div.

    Best regards,

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    Hey Vinay,

    Thank for coming up if you check the page i send via private you will notice the text is in capital letters. I reviewed the code it seems the <header class=”entry-content-header”> is closed to late and the content of the text wil be effected by it. You can see this Effect on the Blog Page i posted below. Its all in capital letters.

    After the update there was also some bugs at the module to show blog Entries on other pages. You can view this on the Mainpage i linked below. The Headline is for some reason way bigger then before and the metas will be shown even if i disabled them via the Theme options.


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    fixed it now with vairous css changes



    Although i was not able to reproduce any visual issues, we will change the HTML structure a little bit. There is actually no missing div, its just that the scope of the header element is too large. we will reduce it with the next update.



    Kriesi, can you also include Ismael’s fix for the minor 404 bug in the next update? Several of us are worried about soft 404 errors in Google console if we don’t get it sorted soon.



    @goldengate415: That particular fix is now included in the core. Please wait for the next release.

    Best regards,


    Great to hear, Ismael.Thanks, Rob


    It is disappointing to see that the patch for the bug was not included in this week’s update. This has happened repeatedly, where a patch is published on the forum and it takes several versions of Enfold before it is finally included in the production version.

    Clearly you guys need to look at your bug tracking / resolution system. We are looking at more than a month Enfold has had a bug with the custom 404 page now, which causes soft 404 errors on Google search console.



    We are already working on that and the feature requests section so we can provide better details for our users.
    We appreciate the patience and the feedback as it help us grow and be better.

    Best regards,

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